Saturday, May 16, 2009

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - "The Complex Sessions"

On October 3, 1994, director Johnathan Demme filmed Neil Young & Crazy Horse as they performed songs from their just completed album Sleeps With Angels at Complex Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California. The result was a sort of video EP called The Complex Sessions, which at one time was released on videotape & laser disc (remember that?) but never on DVD and is now long out of print. Perhaps it will be a part of a future volume of Neil Young's Archives series but for now, it deserves to be seen without having to fork over cash to anyone who isn't going to get some of it to Neil Young.

This is beautifully shot footage of an emotional, amazing performance that was referred to by music critic Paul Williams in this review from June of 1996 as "Neil Young's - and rock n' roll's - finest moment."

Here are mp3s (320 kbps) of the audio from The Complex Sessions, followed by the four videos.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - The Complex Sessions

01 - My Heart
02 - Prime of Life
03 - Change Your Mind
04 - Piece of Crap

"My Heart"

Watch more Sleeps With Angels videos on AOL Video

"Prime of Life"

<a href="">Neil Young - Prime Of Life (Video)</a>

"Change Your Mind"

Since it only plays instantly, here's a link to video of the final song, and my favorite, "Piece of Crap."

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