Monday, June 1, 2009

Patty Griffin's upcoming album "Downtown Church"

Patty Griffin, on a break from recording at the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville

I saw Three Girls and Their Buddy a.k.a. Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and Buddy Miller in Atlantic City on Friday. It was an excellent show. The best moments for me were when everyone joined in on a few songs from Patty's upcoming album of gospel covers Downtown Church. The album was suggested to Patty and later produced by her friend and bandmate Buddy Miller and recorded with musicians at the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The record will be released on August 11th, but you can preorder it from Amazon here. (Today, June 3, the release date was changed to indefinite on, but you can still track the cd through this link).

Gospel music has been an important part of Patty Griffin's work lately. Most recently, she collaborated on a duet of "Waiting For My Child To Come Home" with Mavis Staples for the benefit compliation Oh Happy Day. Here's some footage of Mavis and Patty recording the track, followed by an mp3 of the finished song.

Mavis Staples & Patty Griffin - "Waiting For My Child To Come Home"

Patty's most recent album Children Running Through featured two phenomenal songs which could definitely fit into the genre of gospel music, "Up to the Mountain" and "Heavenly Day." These videos and mp3s are from the DVD Patty Griffin: Live From the Artist's Den which you can also get at Amazon here.

Patty Griffin - "Up To The Mountain" (Live from the Arist's Den)

Patty Griffin - "Heavenly Day" (Live from the Arist's Den)

Thanks for checking this out. Make sure to pick up Downtown Church when it is released.

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  1. So excited! I love Patty's gospel songs and she has been away too long.

  2. She hasn't really been away, but I'd love to hear another record of original songs by Patty. Hopefully, the release date for this album won't get pushed back too much and we will get to hear it soon.

  3. New release date for Downtown Church is now January 26, 2010.