Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Rare Covers from Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams has included some great covers on her albums (most recently with the AC/DC cover on Little Honey), but she has also sprinkled many covers here and there on various benefit and soundtrack compilations. Here are ten of the best hard to find covers by Lucinda Williams that I've found out there in the ether. Enjoy.

Lucinda Williams - Postively 4th Street (Bob Dylan cover) - 1993

Lucinda Williams - You Don't Have Very Far To Go (Merle Haggard cover) - 1993

Lucinda Williams - Main Roads (Victoria Williams cover) - 1993

Lucinda Williams - Here in California (Kate Wolf cover) - 1998

Lucinda Williams - Cold Cold Heart (Hank Williams cover) - 2001

Lucinda Williams - Nothin' (Townes Van Zandt cover) - 2001

Lucinda Williams - Lately (Greg Brown cover) - 2002

Lucinda Williams - Hang Down Your Head (Tom Waits cover) - 2003

Lucinda Williams - Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings cover) - 2008

Lucinda Williams - Marching the Hate Machines (The Flaming Lips & Thievery Corporation cover) - 2008

This last cover is excellent and part of a digital only EP that Lucinda released in October of 2008 called Lu in '08. It also features covers of Dylan's "Masters of War," Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth," and a new song, "Bone of Contention." There is a link to download it below.

Thanks for checking this out. Look for a post on five of Lucinda's best duets in the next few weeks.

Download Lucinda Williams' digital EP Lu in '08 at amazon.com

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