Thursday, September 3, 2009

Emmylou Harris Covering Donna Summer's "On the Radio" (Link Fixed)

Giorgio Moroder composed many of Donna Summer's huge disco hits in the late 1970's and early 1980's. One of the best tracks they made together was the song "On the Radio." Here's the music video for the song, followed by the studio track.

Donna Summer - On the Radio

On her underrated 1983 album White Shoes, Emmylou Harris covered "On the Radio." No, Emmylou did not go all disco on us. Instead, she chose to keep the slower tempo used at the beginning of Donna Summer's version throughout her take on the song. I've always thought that this was some of Emmylou's very best singing on this track, with the result being haunting and beautiful and in a way that only Emmylou could pull off.

Emmylou Harris - On the Radio

I don't know if I can promise you much more Donna Summer, though she is pretty great, but there will be plenty more from Emmylou here in the future, so keep checking back for that. Thanks for reading.

Download Emmylou Harris' album White Shoes from


  1. Really enjoy your blog. Just to note - you've got the Donna Summer version posted twice - no Emmy Lou

  2. What is the Model of the Radio Donna use for the cover of this LP?

  3. Fixed the link so that the Emmylou version is on here now too. Sorry about that.

  4. Donna Summer's version is actually a great song. I really enjoy listening my mother singing it acapella. She loves this song!